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Members Only Video Training

Welcome to the Members-Only Video Training directory! By using the links below, you’ll be able to navigate our archived training content. Keep an eye on this section, as it’s updated frequently with new webinars as they’re broadcast and recorded each week!

Medicare 101

  • What does Medicare Part A cover? What about Part B? Wait, what is Medicare, anyway? In this presentation, we’ll explore how the US Medicare system works, what the various parts of Medicare cover, and how you can help Medicare-eligible individuals expand on their coverage to gain additional benefits through the use of Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and Part D drug coverage.

Medicare Advantage 101

  • Medicare Advantage plans are special insurance plans offered by private insurance companies, who contract with Medicare, that provide Part A and B benefits as well as additional benefits. A Medicare Advantage plan could be an HMO, a PPO, a PFFS, or a SNP – and if that sounds confusing, don’t worry. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how Medicare Advantage works and how you can make it work for your clients.

Medicare Supplements 101

  • Medicare Supplement plans “add on to” (or “supplement” – imagine that!) Original Medicare coverage, providing planholders with additional coverage and benefits in return for a monthly premium. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how different “Med Supps” work, how to tell which is right for your client, and how to compare Medicare Supplements from different insurance carriers (with federal standardization, it’s easier than you think!).

Medicare and Medicaid

  • Medicare isn’t the only government-sponsored health insurance plan in town. At the state level, Medicaid programs also provide benefits to certain qualified individuals. Your state’s Medicaid program may go by a different name (Medical in California, or Peachcare for children in Georgia, for example), but the underlying concepts remain fairly consistent across the nation. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how Medicare and Medicaid insurance interact, and what opportunities that interaction creates for you as an agent.

Medicare Marketing and Compliance

  • Thinking about picking up the phone and doing some cold calling for Medicare Advantage plans? Think again! When marketing for Medicare products, you’re going to be doing so under the watchful eye of CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), and their marketing compliance guidelines may be different than you’re used to. So, put down the phone for now, and join us in this webinar – where we’ll discuss proper Medicare marketing, how to stay on CMS’s good side, and how to make sure your marketing works!

Long Term Care 101

  • While only death and taxes are truly certain, the possibility of any given person requiring long term care assistance in their lifetime is high enough – indeed, more a probability than a possibility – that it’s foolish to ignore. Without proper planning, long term care needs are one of the quickest ways to bankrupt a family, ruin a nest egg, and leave an estate’s finances in shambles. In Long Term Care 101, we explore the planning concepts you’ll need to know in order to competently discuss LTCi products with your clients and help them begin to understand the depth of this need.

Long Term Care 102

  • Expanding on the discussion from our Long Term Care 101 webinar, here we’ll be diving into a deeper analysis of how long term care works and how the policies should be structured to protect your client as completely as possible.

Webinar Archives

  • Here you’ll find the recorded versions of the webinars we broadcast at MedicareTraining101.com. This section will grow as content is recorded and added, so check back for more!