About Medicare Training 101

We Are on a Mission

Do YOU want to know how to prospect, close, and service Medicare clients?

If you're still here. The answer must be YES. Awesome! Waiting inside is everything you need to know whether you are an experienced agent or just started today. 

Medicare Training 101 will teach or improve how YOU effectively prospect and sell Medicare insurance products with integrity, persistency, and professionally.

Once you're a member, YOU will receive INSTANT training videos and content. You'll have case studies to review, phone coaching sessions, insurance agent discounts, and rapid support from a real person.

What Our Members Say...

Now, I'm Making $3,100 A Month After This Training!

Earnest Shaw Independent Medicare Insurance Agent

I was just getting into Medicare Supplement Insurance and didn't really know what to do or how the Medicare Program and policies worked. I signed up to the Medicare Training 101 site and it was a HUGE HELP!

However, what really impressed me and got me going was the help of the support staff! The support staff took the time, weeks of setting up one-on-one consultation appointments helping me find the best insurance companies for my area and understanding more about Medicare Supplement plans. The support staff even helped me write my first client case!

All of their help and encouragement really boosted my confidence! The support is OUTSTANDING!

Anytime I had a question, someone was always there with an answer. They even called to check in on me months after training to see how my Med Supp business was progressing! Now, that's awesome support!

Before joining the MT101 program, I was making about $2,500/mo in insurance sales. After joining, I increased my revenue to $3,100 a month and growing!

I would definitely recommend this training to any agent in a heartbeat. For agents like myself who have been selling insurance for a few years, but have never worked in the Medicare arena, this is the type of training that is needed!

Really In-Depth Training

The training content is really good, and really in-depth as well. I like the business overview that is incorporated in the training also! I encourage others that this is the training for them if they are looking for great training!

Impressive Training That Also Looks Good!

I've been going through the Medicare Agent Training for a few weeks now, the training is very impressive and extremely thorough. I enjoy the videos too!

Worth It To Me...

Preston Pischke Independent Insurance Agent

Medicare Training 101 helped me understand commissions, how to set my business up properly, and how the flow of this industry works. I would absolutely recommend this site for new agents getting started because unfortunately there is a lot of misguided information out there. Everybody wants to brainwash a new agent into thinking their way is the only way and the best way. Self-paced learning while you're only a phone call away. My knowledge grew extensively which was worth it to me.

Our Journey

This website was started in 2012, so that Medicare agents would have access to training without being forced to accept contracts from their upline to get any form of training. 

Since We Started

TR King Insurance Marketing brought Medicare Training 101 under its wing in 2017. Since that time the website has been revamped to be more user-friendly, easier to navigate, and the courses laid out into a structured environment to increase success. This is a self-paced, on demand Medicare training program designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere and convenient to YOU

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